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Women Power Concepts

Since I met my passion of photography,
I have been naturally capturing the girls and women around. I feel blessed, expecting these sessions, as source of energy for my models and for me. 

Most of the time, women feel surprised by the power of transformation in front of my camera, I can see beyond personality, Images that empowers femininity, authenticity and endless beauty, 


Photo Session
Women Photography


I felt in Love with the Milk Concept, while exploring the reconnection of extraordinary Women I photographed with her Wise Self.
I am now contemplating this idea of a deeply restorative experience just for you. 


Women  Impact Wall Art Experience

Exposing art in a physical space is more than just creating an appealing aesthetic environment.  Art with social Impact is a way to connect with the larger environment, sharing values and meaning. 




Photographing siblings, individually and side by side, is an extraordinary opportunity to consider similarities and distinctions, associations and differentiations, that make up each of these unique personalities. 

 “As a mother of twins, I’ve always been fascinated by that incredible bond, a magical reflection of beauty and intimacy.


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