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International Exhibition 

The day after Oct 07, when the world collapsed for so many of us, we started our active involvement accompanying families and especially the mothers of hostages.

Where Mothers were required to ask and beg for their souls and their children, we had the privilege to support and reveal their power.


The Mothers of Israel, in a journey so different and so similar to millions of mothers fighting for peace and freedom in the middle-east.  The Mothers, as a force. enlightening and inspiring Women, Communities and People all over

the world.

Artistic & Conceptual Photograpy: Abby Abergel

Creative: Niv Adi


International Exhibition

The process starts in the make-up room. The mask covers the fatigue of a continuous struggle and focuses the captivating gaze.

Then in front of the camera, a natural process, unfolding  compassion, a precise intention. Lightening a force that no one can overcome.

The power of a Mom. 

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Artistic Concept & Photography: Abby Abergel

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A built-in studio

at the heart of the exhibition

Offering participants and visitors the professional mask make-up and photography, adding more and more freedom worriers to the canvas,

to billboards, to decision makers rooms.


Letting the world see through Mother's eyes, will save lives. 

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