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I am the Artist. 

 the work of Art...

& You,

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Abby Abergel

Artisitic Conceptual photography

​Abby Abergel is a Conceptual Art Photographer, Actor and a Multidisciplinary Artist. Abby is passionate about Women Empowerment 

Through various creative concepts, Women are the main work of Art.From reality to fantasy,

From studio sessions to outdoor adventures, Abby brings an holistic and creative approach, that welcomes people as they are, listening to what they become.

The end results of the mutual experience, is in the form of digital photos for daily usage, but also Art Photography to design the walls with a beautiful contemporary Exposition. 

My Photography experience with Abby

"I never liked being photographed. Not together, not with a view; and not at all. I went to Abby like someone who goes to the dentist. I can't describe in words, how surprised I was. She was so pleasant, professional, sensitive, perfectionist, In a stylish studio just like her. The whole experience was pleasant and enriching, and the results are beautiful and original above and beyond what I expected. Thanks Abby!"                                  
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Lili Doron

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For your new Iconic Images

Imagine the concept

Before I ever pick the camera, I have a concept in mind. Sometimes It's a concept I've already done, but of course, it's all about the human experience. Sometimes, It's a new concept inspired by people I meet.  

So what's your Concept?


We're about to meet for your Session!

Are you excited as I am?

It is completely ok if you just need some new photos for your business, or social feed. Portraits are a beautiful part of the work. We will make them conceptual and efficient.. 

If you're here for personal, artistic process, I suggest to check these concepts. Maybe have a plan for where these photos will hang in your home, office. Do you have a tall spot above your sofa?  A space for a series of art photos on the long corridor?

Let’s create an amazing iconic images to hang there.

Imagine your portraits, styling the walls of your home.
Imagine your children, family and friends enjoying seeing the people they love on the walls.
Imagine this office were the team is exposed on the wall, visualizing these people as super heroes. 

Imagine a co-working space,, an hotel, a public domain styled with Empowered Women and Men.


You're a work of Art 

That Deserves to be seen

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Let's Talk

Thanks for submitting!

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